A Message from NuWhirl about COVID19

Stay Home. Stay Safe.


The impact of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) on our country and throughout the world continues to grow in magnitude. This page is to update you on our current operating conditions as “stay-in-place” or “shelter-in-place” orders are imposed across several states and counties throughout the nation.

NuWhirl manufacturing and supply operations are considered critical to our customers and remain exempt from Shelter-in-Place type orders. These orders exempt a variety of businesses we directly support, including continued construction projects, medical facilities, and plumbers.

In order to support our country’s critical infrastructure during this important time of need, we remain open and operating. We continue to follow all CDC recommendations so we can safely and effectively do so. This includes the continual assurance of all administrative staff having the proper resources to work from home and that every team member in working in our factory continues to strictly adhere to the “social distancing” rule by keeping six feet in distance from another individual at all times, without exception.

We appreciate your business. We remain optimistic we can overcome this deadly threat to our society and economy by working together as partners.

Thank you for your ongoing business and patronage.