Tiny Bubbles.
Big Benefits.

The 3 Essential Powers of Microbubbles:
The Triple Power Replenish

The magic of the microbubble lies in its exfoliating properties, the amount of oxygen it contains and the amount of energy released when it pops. In a continuously warming bath, these tiny bubbles detoxify the pores and envelope the body in extra oxygen, leaving it cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized and hydrated. Save money and time on lotions, oils, scrubs, brushes and trips to the spa, not to mention saving on extra hot water to keep your bath warm.

Gentle Deep Clean

Simply soak in an Infusion tub and microbubbles will gently remove impurities from skin and pores, exfoliating your body without you having to scrub. When you step out of the tub, see dead skin wash away, knowing you’re clean and refreshed.

Oxygen Boost

While your skin is being gently exfoliated, microbubbles simultaneously release 50% more dissolved oxygen (compared to regular water) into the air and bath water surrounding you. Skin is left hydrated, moisturized and restored, feeling supple and smooth.

Water Stays Warm

As billions of microbubbles quietly pop around you, the energy they release keeps bath water warm (even increasing temperatures slightly), allowing for an infinite soak at the heat of your choosing.

In addition to these three essential powers, Infusion also provides these known benefits of hydrotherapy and bathing

Stress Relief
Mood Improvement

Sleep Aid

Relieving Muscle & Joint Tension
Heat Therapy / Body Warming

Timeless Experiences Reengineered for Modern Living

Infusion’s Unique Thermal Experience: A Hot Spring in Your Home

Like lagoons in Iceland, mineral-rich pools in the Mediterranean or famous Japanese onsen,
bathers will step into their Infusion tub and feel, see and hear what wellness seekers for centuries have experienced, as only the Earth could provide. That is, until now.

What the Water Feels Like

A luxurious, silky water that feels soft, smooth and creamy compared to regular water, almost velvety. No oils or additives are required, saving on time and costs, and providing peace of mind that there are zero chemicals in the water.

What the Water Looks Like

A milky, cloudy, champagne-like underwater hydro-mist that surrounds and conceals your body, providing the comfort and privacy of full body immersion and visual relaxation that stimulates additional peace of mind.

What the Water Sounds Like

The opposite of a whirlpool or air bath, which can be turbulent and loud, our system is quiet and peaceful… as relaxing as a regular tub — with five times the benefits. Jettison the stress and commotion caused from jetted baths.

It’s Safe for Body & Environment.
The All-Natural Soak

Infusion’s ingredients are water and air. There are no soaps, chemicals, additives, detergents or microplastics. Additionally, the gentle cleaning power of the microbubbles are a natural antimicrobial, which help kill bacteria. Relax knowing that Infusion is clean, green, safe and be environmentally friendly. It’s hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin.
(It’s even great for washing pets!)

Turnkey: Easy to Use & Built to Last

Infusion has a simple setup and small footprint, and is engineered by a trusted manufacturer with unparalleled quality and customer service. Infusion can be installed in any bathtub design, allowing anyone to enjoy its luxurious thermal experience and health benefits, whether that’s in a sleek and modern vessel tub or a deep soaking conventional tub. It has a guaranteed five-year warranty and can sustain 70,000 cycles (that is, two baths per day for over 95 years).