We believe billions of tiny bubbles will change millions of lives and reinvent an industry.

As a pioneer and leader in luxury bathing, whether through ongoing investment in R&D or independent research, the Infusion Microbubble Therapy system encapsulates NuWhirl’s long-term commitment to redefining and reinvigorating luxury bathing.

Infusion provides a brand-new and unmatched bathing experience with real, proven benefits to end consumers, who are making their bathing habits part of a lifestyle choice towards long-term health and wellness.

Facts About NuWhirl & Infusion

We’re 100% Focused on Bathing

NuWhirl is the only company that sells a microbubbles system that exclusively services the bathing industry. Unlike other competitors, whose primary business focuses on pools and spas, bathing products are our company’s primary focus.

Our Longevity and Credentials

NuWhirl has been in commerce since 2006, having worked with with top brands like American Standard, Clarke, Jacuzzi, Kohler, Mansfield and SafeStep. Our leadership team has been in the bathing industry for over 50 years, including one board member who has been long standing member of UL 1795 Standards Committee.

Proven Success With Microbubbles

NuWhirl is the global leader in microbubble technology and has the largest installed worldwide user base. Over 20,000 Infusion systems have been installed in the market — more than any other company — with rave reviews from end consumers.

Quality, Construction & Performance

The foundation of our business centers on innovation. Our patented components, which are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A., give our clients product and market advantages, while end consumers are guaranteed the best experience and performance (our warranty — 5 years on the tank and pump — is significantly longer than any other microbubbles system on the market).

R&D and Primary Research Investment

We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on microbubbles research and our technology. We’re dedicated long-term to the success of Infusion and the growth of a “wellness bathing” category.

Independent Research

We conducted our own efficacy study with an independent lab. Results guarantee skin will be smoother, more hydrated and more moisturized after using Infusion for at least 10 minutes. Infusion is the only system on the market that has been independently lab tested.

We Promise to Tell the Truth

We will never make claims that are unsubstantiated or unproven. NuWhirl will remain completely transparent
about what it knows and doesn’t know about microbubble technology.

Dedication to Safety & Environment

It’s a priority to us that the Infusion system is and always remains all-natural. Infusion contains no soaps, chemicals or detergents, and is hypoallergenic.